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Explore Corosha - Spectacled Bear & Yellow-tailed woolly monkey
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EXPLORE COROSHA Andean spectacled bear & Yellow-tailed woolly monkey
With: Michael Tweddle / YUNKAWASI

5D / 4N: Spectacled Bear, Yellow-tailed woolly monkey and Andean night monkey
4D / 3N: Spectacled Bear, Yellow-tailed woolly monkey or Andean night monkey

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Explore the cloud forests of northern Peru, at the Amazonas Region comprising part of the Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot. Observe stunning scenery and a spectacular variety of wildlife, including endemic monkeys, Andean spectacled bears (only bear specie in South America) and plenty of birdlife. Corosha is home of very friendly people with the mission to conserve their natural forests from deforestation protecting their basins and endemic endangered wildlife like mythical Yellow-tailed woolly monkey (Lagothrix flavicauda) that was included in the IUCN Red List of the 25 most endangered primates in the planet and the little known Andean night monkey (Aotus miconax). Plus over 200 bird species in a community-owned Private Conservation Area, “Hierba Buena-Allpayacu”. Offers ecotourism as an excellent example to community activity. Thanks to the tenacious work of Yunkawasi and its scientific team has launched a great example at a global level combines research, conservation and ecotourism in favor to the community.


For the adventurer, hike approximately 5 km to Corosha's protected forest, Hierba Buena. In magnificent Hierba Buena-Allpayacu, you will have the chance to see both yellow-tailed woolly monkeys (Lagothrix flavicauda) and night monkeys (Aotus miconax). Choose to spend the night in one of two shelters located within the forest. Depending to the weather we have a 99% success rate.
Monkeys are encouraged to visit between April and November.

*Our field guides will locate the monkeys' sleeping trees the evening before the scheduled tour in order to maximize visitor experience by eliminating time searching for monkeys and to ensure that they are seen.

Andean Spectacled Bears:
An exciting 4.5 km hike or 2 hour horse ride with breathtaking views will lead you to Corosha's best location for viewing Andean bears (Tremarctos ornatus). At Copal, you can observe up to five bears at once while overlooking the beautiful Andes Mountains. Depending to the weather we have a 75% success rate. 

If you are lucky you might be able to watch Paddy the unique and elusive first ever Golden spectacled bear reported in Andean bear country distribution between Venezuela and Bolivia. A huge healthy male kind of albino or leucistic that reminds to be the real life “Paddington Bear” of the story written by Michael Bond in the UK in the late 50s.

* Visitors interested in observing Corosha's Andean bears are encouraged to visit between July and April as the bears migrate from Copal (where they are easily observed) into the surrounding forests for three months, greatly decreasing the likelihood of observing them

With over 200 confirmed bird species, Corosha is a birder's paradise. The entire trek to Copal and onward through Hierba Buena is filled with many endemic bird species for which Corosha is well known. 

Our knowledgeable local guides and a researcher will lead you through the beautiful cloud forests of Corosha. Local and international researchers in conservation biology, botany, ornithology, primatology, and mammalogy train members of our local guide association.

Private transport Jaen Airport / Corosha / Jaen airport
All meals & field box lunch (normal & vegetarian)
Basic comfortable simple or double occupancy room as guest in a community house
English speaking safari coach
Entrance to the reserve
Local guides
Horses if needed
Electric power for battery charge

Not included
Air tickets to Jaen
Extra transfers or trips for forgotten items
Alcoholic beverages
Extra costs incurred due to flight situation

The community of Corosha directly receives 100% of the profits earned through the tourism program.

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